Buying the best beef jerky online in Australia

Are you in Australia and searching high and low for that perfect beef jerky? This popular high protein, low-fat snack is most enjoyed by people. But a lot of people do not know where to go to buy the best beef jerky. Here is a lowdown on all the best beef jerky brands available in Australia.

Jerky is the perfect snack on the go

One of the reasons why beef jerky is a much sought-after snack is because it is portable. It’s easy to carry it on trips, camps, and on hikes, and rich in protein. If you are watching your weight and want to avoid carbs, jerky is the best protein-rich snack to have. It  is not just delish but also very nutritious, comes with a long shelf life and is available in some of the best flavors.

Where to buy your beef jerky

Australia has a lot of beef jerky producers. You can either buy them off the shelves at a supermarket, or you could get them from online stores. Online stores are better because they ship it all across the country.

Buying the best beef jerky

Here is what you must keep in mind while buying jerky in Australia:

  1. Go for the reputed brand’s beef jerky
    Reputed brands use good quality meat that is 100% organic and ethically raised.
  1. Steer away from unknown or newer brands.
    Many lesser-known brands use low-quality meat; they also use harmful additives such as artificial colors, flavors, and Monosodium Glutamate. All this can be very harmful to you in the long run.
  2. Buy jerky from companies that support local farmers
  3. Make sure that you support sustainability in meat production.

Here are some of the best-rated brands in Australia that we will strongly recommend if beef jerky is what is on your mind.

  1. Bigwig Jerky Co.
    Customers who buy beef jerky from Bigwig cannot seem to like the taste of any other brand at all. The flavors are strong, and the jerky is soft and tasty. Bigwig has some of the most creative flavors, such as ‘Smoky Chorizo’ and ‘Chili & lime.’ The stocks never last as people buy and hoard it up for later.
  2. The Biltong Man
    The difference between a jerky and biltong is that jerky gets sliced very thin and then cooked on a rack at about 50 C so that all the moisture dries up and the meat gets cooked. Biltong gets cured and marinated for about a day and then left to hang on hooks for air drying for up to 7 days. The pieces are thicker, and the cutting gets done only after the drying is over. Biltong is as famous as beef jerky and is often replaced with each other.
  3. Barossa Fine Foods
    This Adelaide-based beef jerky company makes one of the tastiest beef jerkys. The jerky is soft, and you can bite into it easily. It is flavorful and has very less amount of fat on it.
  4. Mad Cow Jerky
    Mad Cow Jerky is an internationally acclaimed company that has been getting consistently positive reviews. The brand is Victoria-based. Started only in 2014, it has been a fantastical journey. Most hotels, shops, and individual customers seek Mad Cow beef jerky because of its taste and texture. The strips are expertly sliced and made with a lot of tender love and care.
  5. D. Jay’s Gourmet
    This Perth-based company loves to treat its customers to the real deal. It is very popular for its unsliced meat jerky. Instead, it is a long rope of meat that has spices like coriander embedded into it. Just a small rip on the packet and the best flavorful smells will begin hitting your senses.

Buying jerky from online sellers

A lot of popular beef jerky brands sell online through e-commerce sites and independent retailers. The online market caters to the length and the breadth of the country. You may find some of the online brands in bigger stores such as Costco and Woolley’s. Buying online is one of the most convenient ways to shop for a tasty treat. It is also very economical. Online beef jerky is also priced lower than supermarkets because they have fewer overheads. The most famous online beef jerky brands are:

  1. The Jerky Shop
  2. Just Jerky
  3. Geronimo Jerky and
  4. The Jerky Joint


The best beef jerky in Australia uses meat from beef that is 100 percent grass-fed. The jerky has a light and tender flavor. The jerky must also have no amount of fat on it as fat does not cure well and leaves a very rancid after taste. Most of the best beef brands support local farmers as much as they can. For people that are on a high protein, no-carb diet, jerky is ideal diet food to depend upon. The beef jerky must not have added salts like nitrates and Mono Sodium Glutamate or any more sugars than what is present in the jerky itself.


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