Some Genius Ways To Use Salami

Even though it is incredibly deliciously hearty when sandwiched between two pieces of toasted bread, there are so many other amazing ways to cook and eat salami. Whether it is chopped up and tossed into lasagna or pasta, or a pizza, the possibilities are indeed endless. That is the best thing about food is that there are infinite combinations of foods that will impress and delight us. Salami can indeed be put into so many dishes, and I have listed out a few, below:

  1. Salami Carbonara: Salami is utilized as an alternative to the usual pancetta which is used in the silky and beautifully tasty, pasta carbonara.
  2. Crispy salami cocktail mixture: This cocktail includes salami in the cocktail, make twice as much because you will fall in love with it and surely want more and more.
  3. Chickpea salad with some salami and giardiniera dressing: The dressing for this particular reimagined antipasto is incredibly smart and amazingly delicious. In the place of vinegar or some lemon juice, the salad ends up getting the tang from the vinegary giardiniera veggies which include the hot Italian chosen vegetables. This is indeed combined with some extra virgin olive oil, garlic and some capers.Chopped-Salad
  4. Tomato, salami and zucchini pizza: It is precisely what it sounds like. This can include some mozzarella, tomato, zucchini and salami all chopped up and placed on a pizza base with some fantastic and tangy pizza sauce. Cooked to perfection in a wood fire oven, will surely get you hungry for this amazing dish.
  5. Potato, salami and also cheese frittata: Completely fortified with some sautéed potatoes, the strips of salami and also bits of goat cheese will be a perfect addition to your dinner table. Add a salad and you are set.
  6. Salami and cheese (goat cheese) roll-ups: This proves to be a fantastic last minute hors d’ oeuvres when you are entertaining some folks in your house and when you did not have enough time to make up a big dish. It also proves to be an amazing and delicious afternoon snack.
  7. A salami and egg mash-up: I personally, love some creamy eggs in the morning, but not every day, I wouldn’t consider it to be a healthy breakfast to eat every day, but surely when you have guests over you can impress them with some scrambled eggs, strips of cured and fried salami which is seasoned perfectly with salt, pepper and oregano and probably chili flakes. This can be eaten with some properly toasted bread and also some spinach or rice, if you are eating it for lunch. It does prove to be healthy if it does not have any cheese or other fatty items in it.

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