Some Delicious Biltong Recipes

When Christmas day is just around the corner, you need to be quick on getting the food list ready. The list should contain the recipes of anything and everything you are going to cook. It can be a show-stopping turkey, a giant chicken, a trifle, etc. The list can be truly endless. Why not consider making biltong a significant part of your Christmas feast. It can be biltong soup, some biltong cheese with a quiche, some bread with biltong and an avocado salad. Below is a list of some dishes that you can make with biltong:

  1. Biltong tart

It is a pastry dish, and it needs:

145g of flour

125g of cream or some cottage cheese

125g of butter and some salt

Biltong 50g of mushrooms

20g of butter

3ml of lemon juice

250ml of milk

10g of onions (chopped up)

50g of finely grated biltong

5ml of parsley which is chopped up

The method to make it would be; sift some flour and salt together and rub the butter into the flour mix with the help of your fingertips. And then mix the cream cheese to it. Put this dough in the fridge to cool down. Roll up the dough and make it around 3cm thick. Put the pastry in an ungreased pie tin and bake this pastry shell for 15 minutes at around 220 degrees Celsius (which would be 450 degrees Fahrenheit) and then add the milk gradually and keep stirring the mixture until the sauce properly boils. Boil the same for about 3 minutes and then chop up the mushrooms and put some lemon juice in it. Sauté the mushrooms and also the chopped up onions in some butter until you see them turning golden brown.

Tart-biltongAdd the white sauce. Separate the yolk and beat the yolks and add this to the white sauce. You should also beat up the egg white until it is stiff. Spoon the above into a partially baked shell (pastry) and bake the same for about 10 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius.

  1. Biltong scones

50g of grated biltong

100ml of thin cream or milk

95g of flour

30g of butter

2 ml of marmite

1 egg

Biltong sconesThe method to cook it would be; sift the dry ingredients together, except the biltong and rub the butter into the flour mixture with the help of your fingertips until the mixture gets crumbly. Later, add the biltong, which is grated. Beat up the egg and the milk together and cut the liquid into the mixture which has the flour. Roll up the dough and cut it into squares. Place the squares onto a lightly greased up baking sheet and bake the above at 220 degrees Celsius.

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