Chef Good grew up with soulful Southern and Midwestern cooking. His food memories are rich with family tradition. He knew early on that he wanted to work in a kitchen.  He started in fine dining restaurants and realized he needed to refine his skills, so he went to New York City, where he attended The International Culinary Center (founded as the French Culinary Institute).  It was here that Chef Good learned the art of (and developed a love for) charcuterie.  He came back to his hometown, Lawrence to embrace his roots.  The Midwest is not only his home, but rich in culinary traditions and bountiful producers. Chef Good wants to enhance the food scene here, and help put Lawrence on the culinary map.

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Kristine Hull


Kristine grew up on a small farm in North Idaho. She worked in bars and restaurants through college where she studied architecture and interior design.  Vaughn and Kristine met at Pachamamas, where she was the Event Director and he was Sous Chef. They worked together there on catering menus and functions and have been a team ever since. Opposites in almost every way, they compliment and balance each other. When not at the restaurant, Kristine is walking their dogs, designing promo material, working in the garden,  and hanging out with their toddler.